Dessert Pizza Pina Colada

DrygastDrygast, 2021-04-23

A great dessert pizza with tropical flavours.


  • Servings1 Portions
  • AllergensWheat


  • Prep Time30 min
  • Rest Time720 min
  • Cook Time30 min

A great dessert pizza with tropical flavours from pineapple, coconut and lime.

This is one of the recipes I tested after becoming curious about the whole concept of pizza as a dessert or snack. I like when you can take a concept that is well established and turn it around a bit to achieve something that is better. In this case, it means taking pizza and turning it into dessert. I also see this as a fun way to end an evening where you have been offered pizza and happen to have some dough over which you can then experiment a bit with - let the guests fantasize a bit about what a good dessert pizza would have for toppings and try to get so close to their suggestions as possible. Who knows - maybe a magical taste combination will be created that way.

In this recipe, I thought not only of creating a pizza as a dessert but also working in pineapple, which is and has been a hotly debated ingredient in pizza for a long time. Personally, I have no problem with pineapple on pizza but think that people are allowed to eat what they think tastes good. We Swedes generally seem to like pineapple on pizza as Hawaii ends up in 3rd place (in 2020) and is one of the most popular pizzas after kebabpizza and vesuvio according to information listed by Foodora. Foodora also reports that more than 1 pizza is ordered per second on New Years Day in Sweden, which is quite respectable. Since this recipe also make the pizza as dessert, I hope that it is less scary to try pineapple on the pizza.

Since I had chosen to use pineapple on this pizza, I thought I might as well go with it and pick the flavors from a pina colada. Pineapple, lime and coconut is a very tasty combination that I always liked. I also thought that you could choose to introduce the lime flavor in the form of a curd that replaces the tomato sauce on a normal pizza. That way, the cooking process will be quite similar to a normal pizza as well. For the coconut taste, I chose to roast coconut flakes and sprinkle them over the finished pizza, but you could consider using coconut cream as well. I also added a few lime pieces for decoration as I saw some pina colada served in glasses decorated with pineapple and lime slices.

I really liked the end result and thought the flavors mixed well with the pizza dough. When you eat the pizza and get a sweet pineapple piece among the base of lime curd, it will be a nice and sweet surprise. The coconut taste (and the aroma if you have roasted the coconut flakes) is always in the background together with the pizza dough, which with a little salt and slightly burnt edges frames everything perfectly. As I said, I really like the end result but I expect it is not for everyone. :)


Lime Curd

Nutrition Facts*

 TotalServing100 g
Energy1091.51 kcal1091.51 kcal217 kcal
Carbohydrates174.79 g174.79 g34.75 g
Fat35.11 g35.11 g6.98 g
Protein17.86 g17.86 g3.55 g
Sugar72.94 g72.94 g14.50 g
Salt3.72 g3.72 g0.74 g

* The nutritional information provided is approximate and is calculated using the ingredients available in the database. Info will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.


  1. Prepare the pizza dough according to instructions in that recipe. The dough needs to rest in the fridge over night.
  2. Note! This recipe is only for one dessert pizza, but the dough is for 4 pizzas. The idea is that you make 3 normal pizzas and ends the feast with a dessert pizza.
Lime curd
  1. In a pan - mix corn starch and lime juice.
  2. Turn on the heat (medium) and add coconut milk and sugar.
  3. When the curd starts to thicken, turn off the heat and add the coconut oil. Let it cool down.
  1. Using one ball of pizza dough (1/4, about 213g) and create pizza bottom.
  2. Spread the lime curd on the dough. Top with pineapple.
  3. Cook in oven using a pizza stone/steel or a cast iron pan.
  4. Remove from oven when the dough has a good color and before the curd gets burned. Top with lime and roasted coconut flakes.