Double fried french fries

DrygastDrygast, 2020-11-24

Perfect french fries when you want a little luxury.


  • Servings2 Portions


  • Prep Time120 min
  • Rest Time30 min
  • Cook Time30 min

Perfect french fries when you want a little luxury. The potatoes become soft on the inside but crispy on the outside. This is not really an advanced recipe, but I use 2 techniques that may not all be available to everyone. First I cook the potatoes vacuum-packed (sous-vide) and after that I deep-fry them twice in different temperatures. In this way, they become as good as it can get and I use this recipe on those occasions when I really want a luxurious burger or a piece of grilled meat.

An easier variant is to simply ignore the sous-vide part and instead cook the potatoes in the deep-fryer at 160 degrees for a longer time (5-10 minutes instead of 1-2 minutes for the sous-vide variant) so that it is cooked and becomes soft but still pale. In this way you cut a lot of time and can make the recipe without sous-vide equipment and it will still be a very good result. You can also boil the potatoes for a short time (about 7-9 minutes) as a substitute for sous-vide.

Remember not to fry too many potato sticks at a time as the temperature in the oil can be lowered too much and the cooking is negatively affected - the potatoes may become mushy. It is easier to have a larger amount of oil when frying to avoid this. Use a thermometer and be careful not to heat the oil above the temperatures stated in this recipe.

If you use a pot instead of a deep-fryer, remember to use a large pot with high edges so you avoid burning yourself on oil that splashes. BE CAREFUL! Hot oil is not a great thing to hav to deal with if you e.g. would overturn the pot and spill it on the stove or floor. There is also a fire risk and it can therefore be a good idea to have a lid ready to put on the pot if the oil catches fire. If the oil should start to burn, move the pan from the hob (or turn off the hob) and suffocate the fire with the pot lid. Absolutely do not pour water into the pot as it will aggravate the situation considerably.

You can also prepare part of the recipe the day before by performing the first couple of steps (until fry the oil at 160 degrees). After that, you can store the semi-fried potatoes in the fridge and then, when serving, only fry the second time (180 degrees).



Nutrition Facts*

 TotalServing100 g
Energy471.2 kcal235.6 kcal76 kcal
Carbohydrates111.85 g55.92 g18.04 g
Fat0.56 g0.28 g0.09 g
Protein10.17 g5.08 g1.64 g
Sugar4.77 g2.39 g0.77 g
Salt4.9 g2.45 g0.79 g

* The nutritional information provided is approximate and is calculated using the ingredients available in the database. Info will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.


  1. Wash and scrub the potatoes. Cut into 1cm strips, leave the skin on.
  2. Put the potatoes in water and vinager - leave them for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Get rid of the water and put the potatoes in a sous-vide bag. Add a tiny bit of salt.
  4. Cook sous-vide 84 degrees celsius, 1 hour.
  5. Open the bag, get rid of the liquid and let the potatoes cool down on a plate.
  6. Heat up some oil (at least 1 liter of rapeseed oil or other frying oil) to 160 degrees and fry for 1-2 minutes. Use a slotted spoon to pick up the potatoes, let the oil drain and let cool (at least 20 minutes). At 160 degrees, the potatoes do not get much color. Up to here you can prepare the day before.
  7. Heat up the oil to 180 degrees AGAIN (yes, there is nothing wrong here) and fry for 2-4 minutes until the potatoes have a nice color. Use a slotted spoon to pick up the potatoes, let the oil drain on some paper and serve immediately.