Pickled Chanterelle Mushrooms

DrygastDrygast, 2023-12-26

Chanterelles in classic pickle. Perfect as an accessory for venison, grilled meat and more.


To pickle mushrooms is a good way to take care of all the chanterelles picked in the autumn.

Pickled chanterelles go well as a side dish for, among other things, game and grilled meat. Or why not sprinkle them on a freshly baked pizza straight from the oven? I have also used them as a side dish for a burger on venison mince with juniper mayonnaise. They are sweet and sour and taste a lot so you don't need many per serving.

Please let the mushrooms stand and soak for a few days for an even better taste.

The mushroom will last UP TO a year if it is stored in a dark and cool place. An opened can should be kept in the refrigerator and eaten within a few weeks.


Pickled Mushroom

Nutrition Facts*

 TotalServing100 g
Energy926.16 kcal115.77 kcal102 kcal
Carbohydrates212.56 g26.57 g23.41 g
Fat2.63 g0.33 g0.29 g
Protein5.63 g0.7 g0.62 g
Sugar183.87 g22.98 g20.25 g
Salt2.91 g0.36 g0.32 g

* The nutritional information provided is approximate and is calculated using the ingredients available in the database. Info will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.


Pickled Mushroom
  1. Clean the chanterelles and divide them if necessary.
  2. Peel and slice the red onion and ginger.
  3. Rinse the rosemary sprigs.
  4. Boil vinegar, sugar, water, ginger, salt and bay leaves.
  5. Add mushrooms and red onion, cook for 3 minutes.
  6. Pour into well-cleaned jars.
  7. Store in a dark and cool place. Feel free to let the mushrooms stand and soak for a few days for an even better taste.